” MESSIAH, when you were your Agnus Dei you came into my arms with your disoriented heart tearing from your anxiety to see the passion of catching you in my uncanny arms … “



Till the Angels eating the Garbage…

Etrestles Poetical



Wonthelimar Ultramundis

In the meantime in the Állos kósmos or Ultramundi, Wonthelimar after hearing the speeches and paragraphs of the speakers, saw from paradise how Calypso Lepidoptera appeared, approaching in great magnitudes on the dry land on the banks of the blue and golden stones of Skalá. In torrents of rushing from the water-sky with wind-water, by geomorphological hydraulics of the collapse of the irresistible capacity to harass each other in the ears of Seleuco’s dialogues, after they piled up in the sneaking curds of him on the island of his speech. Right there it settled from the koelum or sky of the Lepidoptera from the Orofí or ceiling, on the natural arches of aeolian erosion and its devastating plumage, appearing in the subaerial splendor of Chauvet and its gloomy darkness, changing the morphology of the bank of Skalá turned into enchanted turquoise light also with Calypso nuances. From here Wonthelimar obscures the circumflex arc or circumflexes, which pierced and eroded the surface, piling up the ex-generals of Alexander the Great, to skewer them on the stump that was languidly seen supporting them, after the tides of Lepidoptera that avalanche in destined per capitas towards the destined underworld of Wonthelimar.

Wonthelimar was separated from everyone by the moat that was separated from the gods of the surface, but now where the supporters of Seleucus were predestined by imbibing themselves in the bilocated kingdom of Chauvet and its darkness, where they were put into agreements of suitability and clarity of words discursive for the eagerness to persuade his major general. But they all fell into the middle of a dark Ultraworld, judging themselves to be dying in stockpiles of biosystems where no one helped them and gave them some indication or diagnosis of being separated from the canopy that drained them from spectral affairs, speaking as vivid visions of benefits and sovereignties that escaped from themselves without contemplation or quietism of the human race, which procreates xenophobia to kings without throne or nation. Under the Attic calendar were the months here were only eighth, Anthesterion, received them with the name directly of the main festival celebrated in this month, Anthesteria. In goods of name contests in the semester of Pyanepsia, Thargelia, and Skira where they were relatively significant, in some of the greatest celebrations in the life of a Polis, which is not recognized in the name of the month. Some sparkled in the sound of the Great Dionysia celebrated in Elaphebolion (ninth month), and the Panathenaia in which they are only indirectly recognized in Hekatombaion (month one), named after the hekatombe, of the sacrifice of “one hundred oxen” celebrated at night. End of the Panathenaia. This is where the suspicious fondness of both families of Seleucus and Alexander the Great differed in the accent that marks the written line of the infra Polis, where the leaders of Haides or Hades are lost, for the purposes of Aïdes, as not indivisible, but with the presence of Wonthelimar, who is invisible but epically static on his balustrade in all the rings that chorally wore them for each patronage of the diádocos generals, even so he had betrayed the Hellenic legacy, by a Hellenic-Orthodox one in the disappearance of Alexander the Great in Babylon without knowing that it had been rescued by Wonthelimar, surpassing the limits of the rings of stefánes ibix, or Aros de íbiz, as nano kvantikoí daktýlioi, quantum nano-ring that augured to sensitize the dermis of its carpal phalanges, from the eighth, Anthesterion to Elaphebolion (ninth month), minus the one hundred and twenty days of gestation in a month of the attic of imníbiz, that it was of wise advice to receive him in the new engend rivers of Wonthelimar in the depths and bundles of marrow with gestation forms of an Ibex goat, with their embedded bases of stalagmites, filing the meaning of each life that was lodged in the depths of the caves and its opacity. The Eygues of Valdaine was the Acheron, but with half the deceased who sat in rows and unleashed their laurels that possessed poor aids tormented by mandrake root hands.

The underworld was a swamp that covered the heels of the diádocos in the immense blackness of the cavern that wounded them one and the other with its Kopis, by more than a hundred blows and slashes that covered them with mud and moans in their buried half bodies. That they had been intruded from linear entrances to the underworld of Wonthelimar. In the thick musts of the quagmire where objects with ornaments of fear and cavalier materiality lay, such mangrove deserts satiated with gloomy fibromyalgia and amnesia, refiguring in the wandering bones, that sinned in lights and destinies that were adopted in the sub-world with incorporeal needs., more than the exhaustion that tore the skeletal muscle of each one behind the meager compromise openings, in the strong ligaments of the host Wonthelimar that took them at forced steps towards paradises where there will never be consciousness from a Theseus typology, but from a sub taxonomy – Verthian mythological, for purposes and among others that unleash it by propelling self-infernos that are not those born by a Macedonian force or Satrap into puny kings turned into a servile, mute and decayed.

It is necessary, that solitude of all the entrances from the abyss into which they fell, was titanic and of ultraphobic acquiescent inspiration, and in the acid gestures of search of Persephone or Aerse that in random gestures fled from their persecutors, like females who ended fleeing from themselves falling into the back room where the end of souls is never exceeded or Psyché re emigrating from the punishments of a satire or a static that resulted in a ghostly wandering, or in tendentious spinners that tribulated in belated bundles of repentance. From primitive times, subjugations have been longed for in kings who would never think of leaving their cracks and washing their hands behind the backs of others who stood by, leaving the courage to lose themselves in the perversity of a body deposited in the Tartars, having to give them their prehistoric debts and meadows of carpeted debts and caged rooms.

The generals commanded by Seleucus walked barefoot along with the stump that wounded them in seams for their plantar areas, and in extreme distress, they did not dare to ask mercy from the cave host who transported them through the deep pit of perpetuity, where the frigid bullet of angina of Wothelimar, filled them with memories that protected their survival. In unworthy caprice and watery urine,… it ran frivolously down their legs, even after each impulse to recover the flashes of estimating being scared of oneself, after finding dead fruits subsisted halfway, feeling voices from the origin of the abyss that I quoted them.

Etréstles says: “Mashiach allow me to enter this grave, I do not know if I should go to rescue them, because I know what will happen…, I only ask that if I enter with courage, help me to find the same light of the exit, with the same memory of not to waste arrests, and not to lose myself in my entrustment by those who I know will not return”

Behind some Sabine poplars, it is seen how the elytra of the Lepidoptera were opened for those who crossed from the darkness without the appearance of their fruitful eyes that tickled praises of surrender, and not of ibid in the ibid that surrounded them, as if they were violated that heal at the moment when their faces departed from the miracle of privacy, and from the solitude decreed of non-existent company, companionship calming any dogmatic symptoms and hypoxia that the glimpse of the Eygues and the Acheron left them, further behind in which Saint John the Apostle and Vernarth, Reader and Petrobus to bring Etréstles back.

Saint John the Apostle says: “Vernarth go for your brother,… he wants to protect the souls of Seleucus and his comrades, go soon because there is little left to fill them with darkness which will even besiege in their reasoning and anti homelands that will not be from the din of the campanile, out of tune with joy that runs on the graces of the gift that frees you from the worst virus by not being anti-viral… ”.

Vernarth replies: “Etréstles is the slogan of Erebus, perhaps of Bumodos…, I have to stop him for his profession, since the comrades of Seleuco will not return, the effigies of Wonthelimar have made them of his children in Ultramundi, and what is Solstice of the underworld, it is only a small Sun that fits in the buttonhole of the orthogonal slot that confines it”.

At that time Raeder paraded where he before they reached the omega of the gully pit, running swiftly over the eyelets of Wonthelimar, leaving both completely naked, to tear them away from the contrived spell and bring Etrestles back all the way together and running., but both stripped of lightness and acceleration escaped from the centripetal bodies. After the tortured walls of the pit, they no longer supported themselves in their Skotos or Erebo of Wothelimar in such a primordial deity of this theogonic and fantastic event in the bilocated cavern of Chauvet in Skalá. Here all the densities and units of physical genres, from above and below surrounded them in the thick sulfur atmosphere, Ananké in such a goddess of inevitability ran after all who tried to reverse the situation of the diádocos, for the purpose of consenting their paragraphs Hellenics and to save their lives, but the mother of the Moiras went behind Etréstles and Vernarth along with Rader and Petrobus who were basking in the glow of Persephone that imbued them as they stagnated drinking mead with the Canephores who followed him. From this cryptic moment or from the bombastic insignia of Crete, Kanti’s trotting from his Cretan figure was felt united with the Lepidoptera Calypso, redeeming Demeter from her crying on the edge of some Bern olive trees, emptier now that the last gradients of the agonic and venous voices in the hilarious of some diádocos that were completely absorbed by the benevolent illusion of Wonthelimar, snowy in the harrowing tenuity of his gestures and of the great Iberian that took them towards the heights of the hillocks and towards the Ultramundi that It turned them into proles of the mountainous areas, and into super aquatic monsters with thousands of loose eyes in the arches of the generals bleating, which transposed bloody subjugations of primal deities, and philastics of phantasmagorical genres of Hellas that it plucked from the peritoneum of their stomachs, and that guttural eradicated them from the blue adrenaline of Apollo.

This odyssey dispelled the orthogonal lines of the poetic affliction of those who could see the sunset and the Spyché sucks that antagonized Ananké’s numinous efforts to extubate them, and perhaps exile them to the Theban plains to graze Achaeans of the first degree alongside Shamash. Lamenting of young afternoons and of the abysmal with beautiful hair of the generous of effects, swampy and of feverish Hadesian or Hade’s rounds that crippled their districts, they emanated from some Marie Curie junk and vapors radiating this Parapsychological Quantum to them from their own holy final body., for a virtuous and rout of the Ultramundis of Wonthelimar.


Wonthelimar Ultramundis

VERNARTH Alexander Magnus Commandant & Prophecies

VERNARTH Hegira to Patmos Chapter XXI

They dropped their moorings from Cala Cogone early, when the tide seemed to be separated from the waters like a head distanced from its body. On a lavish and romantic day they went to Genoa, to continue the logistics of the trip to Piacenza. During the trip Etréstles was stretched out in the bow under a Sun that seemed to be fearsome as it was a digestive task that would make him ingest his own dream, which perhaps he aspired to be more than a journey. While he slept, at the helm Etréstles dressed in a black robe and the comrades also sleeping with dreams that they painted with sign gestures on their faces.

Dream of Etréstles: “With the memory off-center …, I was still in Izzana, dancing by the clouds on gray tulles of the layers of the sky that tried to stop being a Kingdom without a Crown and Sword”. They glimpsed the stones melting and turning into gauze juxtaposed to the aerosolites that unfolded from the Sorcery, landing on the hands and heads of Vernarth and Himself. As he continued his dreamy journey, he dialogued with the auxiliary legate of his own dream. “He tells her that he sees them beyond where their liturgies collide. They cross eroding the vanished and itinerant reason”. He gets up and takes the moorings of the ship and ties them to his neck. Then everyone cooperates to walk along the edge of the ship, which all moved barefoot. This is how I would wake up!

Vernarth tries to wake him up, shakes him, but doesn’t wake up. And when he tried to avoid him from sleep, he saw that he had the moorings around his neck, along with two Unicorns who were escorting him and were looking towards infinity, auspicious that Genoa was already coming in front of their horns. The others began to wake up and ate reclining, almost as if without any desire to get up from the deck full of self-sliding linen, which allowed everyone to pass their own meals, including those that were semi-consumed rolling on the deck. Etréstles,  transferred the dream to Vernarth, once he went to his bedroom to rest before they touched the roadstead at the foot of the homonymous promontory, 36 km from Genoa.  Portofino, close to the hydro form of the Portofino Regional Natural Park.  Being able to find different entrance doors through S. Rocco, Portofino Vetta and Nozaregoino  that led you to paths with different levels of accessibility and landscape. On the route of the path that traveled from Northwest to Southwest on the same promontory, he received the full beauty of the Mediterranean vegetation, with its beautiful pines, bluish and clean waters of the Mediterranean, which filled his lungs and especially his stem, which silenced of peace to those who accompany you through this interesting and beautiful Natural Park with deep blue eyes.
Vernarth is wrapped with two layers of linen and stands in between eclipsing each of the Unicorns. They pass her horn through her pectoral, as if wanting to insinuate affection. But her propitiated gesture was to crown her with the Power of her phalanx, the impetus in Gaugamela, an Onyx Crown, to lighten the burden of sleep and wake up before reaching the shores of Genoa.
Calling in Genoa, they all descend in a separate part and say goodbye from afar, gesturing with their hands. Their ramblings revealed multi-level radiographs of the resolved aura that invited them to an enclave hostel, to re-enter the world of their daily chores. The Unicorns who would return back to Sardinia stayed on the ship that was in the blue bay. They positioned themselves at the bow one and at the stern the other, to lighten the sails and return to Izzana.

Vernarth and Etréstles walked with their bags, letting go of their feet towards La Via ** Settembre, they travel in an east-west direction, next to Corso Italia, the promenade that runs along the promenade, which is one of the favorite places to reform the destination of Piacenza. From this road they moved near the adjacent carriage station to the Caruggio neighborhood in Sottoripa. Here they entered an inn to eat and drink liqueurs made from natural herbal recipes and sweet citrus, some fish with bread, sauce and Genovés sourdough. to satisfy their hunger.
They had dinner and opened the exit to the terminal. Before, they went to the Ponte Monumentale where the church dedicated to Santa Rita is, called Iglesia de la Consolación, whose entrance, at the level of the old streets, is slightly lower than the current street. They pass a porch and enter. “Almost like a grand cloister sensation they perceived during their stay, as if centuries had passed, but which never ended in the wanderings of any secular period. It was the impression once entered and soaked on this road, which still remains active. From this original cloister, the invocation of images on the sides placed towards the church towards Via ** Settembre, as well as the closed portal in the market access plaza on Via Galata, recur, while the other two sides are they completed attractions to admire when the eastern market in Genoa appeared before them ”.

When they entered, the masks were passed over the bones of their faces, indulgent towards both faces of the visitors, under a freshness of gravitational atmospheric fragrance, perhaps from the connected baptismal font or the lateral nave or the three naves separated by square pillars illuminating them. This is where Vernarth places his right hand on his forehead and his mouth, as a sign of catechesis detached from The Vault, the central nave and the counter-facade that were painted in fresco in 1874 by Giuseppe Isola, after reading about the intertextual verifying thus Vernarth. (Visioni dell’Apocalisse, Gloria di Nostra Signora della Consolazione and Giuditta rientra trionfante in Betulia), while Etréstles frenziedly admitted the frescoes through the side aisles that are the work of Giovanni Quinzio at an angle close to him. Observing everything, he was already indoctrinating to reprint new vigor to enter Piacenza triumphantly and head to the Region of Patmos. Giuseppe Isola’s fresco was the great motive that struck his reason for being where he was to continue the threads upon threads of his lineage as the great Commander of the troops of Gaugamela and his Phalanges. Here is the church in its first tune with the duty of limitlessness before its steps to dominions that will make it recover their powers, from where they were first seen dressing in the clothes of an innocent child.

In the apse, there was the choir singing baroque pieces, and followed by elaborate wooden stalls from the 17th century. In the Altars on the left, on the Fifth Altar, Etréstles, captures a simultaneous vision. From that moment when it was the disappearance of this Santa Maria della Pace church, which could have been one structure on top of the other, perhaps in ruins but if the columns could go further from where their originals are born. Until then both had separated from each other, and they would meet again here in the apse, where they never lose sight of each other again, to turn towards the exit that required them to leave the sacred precinct. In the terminal, a grayish float awaited them, with silver trim on the edges of the structure, at the top of the front roof it said “Where you must never go and be”. It was just the transport of an allegorical float. They were theatrical traveling artists, who had places available for travelers to Piacenza. The one that they just approached to move to the home, where they had to register at their own will and rejoin this excellent session “Parapsychological Regression”.The Trebbia valley, a few kilometers from Piacenza. Vernarth noted that a shaft of the chariot made a strange sound. To which he notified the driver, telling him what he caught on the rear axle of the carriage. They go down to inspect all; not being able to detect anything that it would suppose would be an anomaly of filming of the instrumental east. Etréstles sees that some steeds were grazing on some meadows and he tells them all. Vernarth warns him and immediately heads to them. It reaches only a sorrel that was running its tongue over its hoof. The others flee. Vernarth approaches, and notices that he had a wound in his left hoof, noticing that in the center there was a strip of Green color, He takes his leg, and examines it. He takes out his dagger and begins to remove the stake that was inserted into his damaged leg. The others were gone, restarting the trip to Piacenza. Etréstles managed to climb a steed, and followed him – The float remained without them supposedly to arrive safely at Piacenza. But at 5 km, before reaching the city they are struck by a lightning bolt from a sudden storm. What misdirects his route – the passengers were left intact, only fatally suffered the loss of the driver. (It was verified by Vernarth when he arrived at his home in Piacenza).   As  Vernarth rode fast in the storm, trying to catch up with the carriage. Stress them towards the same to reach their brother. They rode propagating the pastures that passed near the forests of Val Trebbia. When the storm intensified instantly, it was wise to take refuge and wait for the flood to decrease. They were always close to each other. Etréstles about 18 km from Vernarth, they did not know it, but the horses sensed each other. They already distinguished, that they were close to each other, but it was necessary to take care of the horse, and have to check its hoof again. He checks it and notices that it had a green stripe in the four parts, like a pigment already placed concentrically in the middle of each hoof.

Ellipses Gaugamela – Final War
Vernarth bids farewells farewell. Once the Achaemenides are surrendered, he prepares to review them. Walk with Alikanto across the ****** plain. Reviewing his five hundred dead and three thousand wounded, he goes to recirculate in the footsteps of the attack, manages to see lead as a sentinel gathered wounded horses, but not serious. He approaches him and says Khaire; asking what unit they came from. He tells them of the Hosts of the command of Hefestion. The sentinel tells him, that he was enraptured by the fact before his eyes to see that all the horses of the line of Hefestion, Alexander the Great and Vernarth, to fascinate him that they had a green stripe on his left hoof. Wedge riders are formed, lining up the stable, towards the court of the guards and Macedonian monarchs. She dismounts from Alikanto and checks the chestnut trees, managing to insinuate that it could be Medea’s ploy of the smiling charm towards her Hetairoi dancers, whose elite had bracelets on each leg on each chestnut. Also with the offensive weapon, they acted as the Macedonian’s personal guard. Vernarth recalled that, before starting the offensive, with his blessed Xifos he inflicted light wounds on the left foot of his Phalanges in the act of “overtaking them before being stained by the enemy”

Vernarth says: Here is the cavalry that has received so much praise for «hammer» in the strategies, because it crushed the enemy units retained by the «anvil» or the «phalanx» that I had to command and lead the charge, intoning the riders. And even more the circumcisions that he gave them before entering combat. With the Hetairoi I was organizing squadrons of 200 to 300 soldiers, while they were checking the chestnut trees. In the campaign, they would ride the best horses, ******* or on the blanket, they were awarded the best weapons available. Each carried his long throwing spear Xyston, accompanied by a Kopis sword, for hand-to-hand combat, which in the interlude would defend his flax and bronze breastplate, with respective protective armbands and helmet, before lightly tackling his aggression . The horses were also partially protected, but not their hooves! I gave them the final instruction by decree to take them to the altarpieces and attend to them, so that they check their left hoof.Thus giving signs of great concern about the green stripe on each of its left hooves. Sentinel Hetairoi, with some of his servants, gather the animals and transport them where they have been ordered to tend and examine them. As the designs collapse over the night in gloomy litanies, Medea bursts into a great green outfit saying:

Medea: Vernarth, rancid are on my memory the potions and designs of those who want to talk about me or offer me in their lust.Where the zeal of anxiety deceives the wishful arms that welcome the victorious pleasure. Hooves are my skeptics and famous decisions, because I am weak in will but not in character. Green is the pouring of my converted powers into the veins of the horses. They were carriers in their eloquent ferocity. Instead of blood, I had sap from the magic vessels that I transferred to them so as not to doubt the doubts. Their object is that a green band was encased in their hooves as a sign of the Hipnos promontory through their Son Clovis, to plunge all the forests of the raging underworld, towards the heart of each “Valiant Hetairoi”.

Outside ellipsis / near Piacenza
Vernarth and Etréstles in a post-storm clearing, a soft breeze greets them and they meet again, they greet Khaire! And together they reroute to the empty pastures, which would gradually begin to venture them through the farthest forests of the Val Trebbia. On some brown plains with poor colors that visited him falling as they faded on his mirage. From this unusual crossroads they will supremely perceive the closeness of Piacenza in their breathing.
Now they are in the vicinity of the Cimitero de Piaceza. Then they will have to go home on the Via Giovanni Codagnello, on the calendar of January 2020. The Parapsychological Regression continues.

Piacenza Cemetery, January 20, 2020
Vernarth and Etréstles entered the necropolis long before sunset. They were carrying a cake to celebrate Vernarth’s birthday. Night Patrol joined the visit. In particular, they followed a night watch service that was active, trusting their guide Piacenza or the surrounding area, with 3 internal night patrol passages 365 days a year, for the rest of lives beyond all material life, perhaps turned into marble statues.
They hired a special service dedicated to the approved service for 2 people .; They were active during the caretaker’s office opening hours (the same opening hours as the cemetery). With this service they overcame difficulties to walk after so much traveling. They leave the green-hoofed horses, now turned into statues. They request authorization from the entrance cemetery offices, to honor their belonging and to please those who visit them on their behalf. In Genoa, after having passed through the exterior without entering, they were ecstatic with the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa (the most monumental in Italy).But if they enter the Piacenza, where the sanitary monumentality passed through the real function of such an enclosure in the contingency. It was commented by the neighboring offices that the migration of corpses from Bergamos were moved to Modena, Acqui Terme, Domodossola, Parma, Piacenza to carry out the respective ceremonies. Due to the great Viral Pandemic that decimated a great majority of Italian citizens in these areas. Vernarth became aware of the current reality, saw how a gravedigger conversed with the crowds, there was a nurse, a doctor and a prodigal man who concentrated on uploading moods to those who were there, almost like a caster, to relieve them of this transitory despite humanity.
They continue past the pyramidal pines, to the central pavilion. They sit on the edge of some flagstones, and take the cake to celebrate their birthday. They sing a hymn and they both enjoy it lovingly. Etréstles saw that he had a little cream left on his nose and cheekbone, running his hand to remove it. In the instant, the guard calls them; it was time to go because it was time to close the compound. They say goodbye with a monumental hug paying tribute to their brother!

Etréstles says: Honors Vernarth, for your immeasurable Valor! It is a great contribution that we divide our work and commitments. From here I go to the Messolonghi Cemetery. I will only wait for the crescent moon to meet the Charioteer, then leave with him and my beloved Drestnia. My Xifos Sword in my right hand and the head that I cut off in my left hand, in Gaugamela before that rugged fate! Khaire, My honors Commander Etréstles!. It remains in the shadow of some pyramidal pine trees of this sublime night, and then they distance themselves. Vernarth leaves the compound heading towards his house relatively close to the cemetery, on the Via Giovanni Codagnello.

Final session in Vía Codagnello, Piacenza:
Vernarth enters opens the door and everyone is waiting for him. Huge groups of friends, work colleagues, family, their pets, and especially the Parapsychologist, who had commanded this whole great session. They all approach her and in the instant, Vernarth awakes abruptly from the parapsychological session. They stabilize it and check your vital signs. There were many days of this odyssey. His awakening was mediatic, since they were attentive to him to question him and confess everything, but he was clear that his purpose would lead him to the confines of Patmos along with Raeder and Petrobus. It remained only to wait for the tenuity of a simple immortal warrior to assist in the services of John the Evangelist. The parapsychologist says you have to wake up, you can no longer be AND stay here in this temporary tube!
Once he has refused to wake up, he takes the itinerary to return to Macedonia. The visibly worn and stunned parapsychologist demands that he give up and obey his command. The effort was unproductive, only letting himself be carried by the grip of his right hand, taking his other with great vigor to remove it from shamelessness, from whom he does not suppress his pride to who still remains wounded by the swords that bleed his soul in Gaugamela. “Everyone is amazed and resigned !, pointing out that he must have always been in the surroundings of his beloved Macedonia, cutting the bursts of succulent insolence on the same temperate cliffs, where some variation of the sounds of the wind would make him saddle his Alikanto to acclaim the gods who came looking for him ”

Vernarth is engulfed in ambivalence, almost celebrating his birthday and waking up from his parapsychological journey. Both will take place, but the session will continue irrevocably. After a few days close to the first day of the crescent moon, he greeted him from a privileged place on his house Etréstles de Kalavrita who was with the Charioteer in his car and Drestnia, they went in that masterful car to join the chores of the Koumetrium Messolonghi (Editorial Palibrio – USA) .So returning to Messolonghi, to meet his disciples and essences of the foundation of his naturalness.

Hegira to Patmos
On a gray day in July 1820. Piacenza slept under the ambush of the revolution, in Italy there was a situation similar to that of another European nation. Vernarth was preparing his last details with the parapsychologist, to undertake his Hegira to Patmos, since he was a revolutionary and this was of great motivation to emigrate from this constant stage of Wars and sociopolitical processes. Manage to be a participant in this revolt in the Piedmont area. Its ideological axes were liberalism and nationalism. Given that the most affected countries were those of southern Europe (episodes from other areas, such as Germany or France, were much less important), with Spain as epicenter of a movement that extended to Italy and Portugal, and on the other hand Greece; It has been called the Mediterranean cycle as opposed to the Atlantic cycle that had preceded it in the previous generation (the first liberal revolutions or bourgeois revolutions, produced on both sides of the ocean: the Independence of the United States -1776- and the French Revolution -1789- ). As compromised great principalities of much of Europe were banned, it participates in great dissolution of collisions and invasions that involved it. In this way he would liberate his Homeland, especially his province of Piacenza.

Although the “Kingdom of Italy” as such did not exist, there were two great kingdoms that participated in the Revolutions of 1820: the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Piedmont. However, most of the revolutionary movements were driven by secret societies, such as coal. The Kingdom of Piedmont was also one of the most affected, since it was at the epicenter of Italian nationalism. It was controlled by Víctor Manuel I, member of the House of Savoy and defender of the Old Regime. The monarch had only been on the throne for 6 years, since he returned to Turin in 1814 due to the defeat of Napoleon. Since his return, various factions within the country advocated for a unification of all the Italian kingdoms. The unstable situation of its neighbor, the Kingdom of Naples, caused the carbonarians within Piedmont to revolt in March 1821.

Conclusive Hegira ellipsis to Patmos:
After this great conflict, he orders his parapsychologist to resume his final session in Patmos; he begins the procedure for the era that he had to trespass anachronistically, returning to the era of the Macedonian Empire. The parapsychologist asks him time, place, dates, clothing, customs, and manages to meet his request. He enters the portal, and in the backwaters of Messolonghi he meets Raeder and Petrobus. They were close to this heroic land, Messolonghi in the Gulf of Patras, the capital of Aetolia-Acarnania. Nothing less than in the land of his Brother Etréstles “Koumeterium Messolonghi”.

“They all approach the vicinity, pray three times to heaven, and manage to be abducted to the underworld of Messolonghi. When they were snooping through the catacombs, they make out the surroundings of a luminous vault, thus distinguishing a woman passing by with others. It was the beautiful nymph Eurydice inaugurating The Constitution of a new Government”.
Eurydice and the gravediggers worked for the new government to be instituted. They were reviewing the last ground plans that converged on the tenth cemetery.
Eurydice …: with the absence of Etréstles and Drestnia we will make her awakening continue, whose awakening phase closely relates to her wife.
Grave …: Where do we start?
Eurydice …: by the southwestern statue of Ashurbanipal, to pay tribute to Botsaris. Then, we will go up to receive the cordoned off tomb of Bramante and Ghiberti, so that the latter can advise us regarding the work to be erected.
They climb the northeast pavilion to the foundations of a mausoleum. They approach the slab of Ghiberti, who was loosening his fingers, sitting on the shore of a Pyramid-shaped cypress. Bramante vanished into the gray beams of light…

Ghiberti …: I already know your mission. I am summoned to the Council on the day of the sailors’ return. To start, they went to the mines to look for precious stones, stones to build Markos Botsaris.
Eurydice …: Good! Well, in nine moons and nine suns they will return from the coasts of Morocco, the last docking point, so that they can then return. At the moment they are already warned.
Just back, there was a Lover with her right hand holding her chin.

Inamorada In Love …: Five centuries ago I awaited my awakening, my lover promised to return … with these verses…:
“I want to be different,
I want to take you my love…
and tell you that by missing you
there is no greater sadness than not seeing you …
Forgive me for not coming back…
before my absence caused your death,
Wait for me … I’m going to tell you … how I miss you
Along with my immortality of feeling…!  How I miss you…!!

… He still tells me this, but from here, under the embankment of the cemetery I feel that he is far away and I can do nothing. Also, I have it in my memory and one day we will meet here. The Enamorada continues to sit and watch armies of soldiers being thrown into graves, their bodies severed. As she continues; … there is more life here than on the surface, and the trenches replace the concave wombs, as vessels! As everything here lives, even the flowing and hallucinatory invocations are perceived from the Poets, Alchemists and Astronomers. They make the invisible go in a formidable adventure to the site of their magical hallucinations.
Eurydice …: Stay on your stone, with your chiffon dress; here you will see the arrival of Etréstles. He will bring news from other lands to answer you. Now dispense if we delay, sadness will fall on the other beings who are being buried and transhumated. The Enamorada remained on the stone with her knees resting on her chest. Eurydice and her assistants went to their rooms. “
All this they manage to witness, and then go in search of Etréstles on the same tenth cemetery floor. Raeder and Petrobus were laughing and at the same time they were impressed, as if wanting to remember him when they have to leave directly from Messolonghi to Patmos, towards the Dodecanese region. In the meantime Vernarth was searching for his brother in all the nearby areas of the catacombs flashing penetrating light, unable to find him. He arrives at the ninth cemetery and is fascinated by a feminine image that would seem like a phantasmagorical chimera …, it was Drestnia moistening some ferns on some crypts making gestures to see them already grown, even if they had just been planted…!

They approach her intimacy and ask her greetings, Drestnia answers them abstractedly that Etréstles traveled to Patmos to applaud the maiden ceremonies that would be wed in the spring in the nearby meadows. Being able to settle in The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, and who later went to the hills of Castelli, as it has been known that everything has been celebrated on a hill that many hundreds of years ago has sheltered our historical fragrances in the unity of the ethereal until the present. Such ruins among some works as well as the Temple of Apollo that will continue to survive with its prevailing mystery not revealed.
Etréstles gives them their congratulations and wraps his arms around Drestnia. They evacuate the cemetery, remaining abstracted in the internal darkness of the catacombs with fewer lights than a feasible twilight of darkness, as if immediately leaving Etréstles to be with him in the spring, shedding light on herself taking them to the Castelli hills, which they would figure in the sweetened exaltation of the pollinations of the nymphs on the maternal and ****** maidens.

They go out and spread their impulses over the promontory of the Koumeterium of Messolonghi with Raeder and Petrobus on Raeder’s shoulders. Vernarth invoked the north with her staff where Alikanto would appear with her hooves with greenish stripes.

Raeder says:  Let’s go. On those warm currents to follow we will not unite you Vernarth. Smiling, the fantastic boy danced, forming figures that enlivened him to hold on to the legs of Petrobus. They both stared at Vernarth and raised high above the warm clouds. Beneath the Messolonghi miniature, she had Vernarth’s sights on them; she was putting reins and her Hoplite tunic, to mount Alikanto. He looks around and makes a big sign to Raeder to follow him to where he was, they suspend themselves and manage to go back to the highest mass of misty airs that would take them against the clock towards Patmos to meet Saint John and Etréstles.




Blue Poem, Blue Secret



blue poem

Final Minute DogmateFinal Minute Dogmate
Hail Regina

Final Minute Dogmate

Final Minute DogmateFinal Minute Dogmate
Hail Regina

On the air where I have to move my arms I have to learn to walk on the Water …
On the air of so much breathing I will drown from so much breathing on the water …

On the water and the air I have to walk swallowing water and air, on the Final Water Minute Dogmate.
To have Faith in I, I believe in Eternal Life, I digest the water from the remnants of distilled water from Lourdes, nauseated, resurfaced in the gaze in full water of my soul devoured, full 3 moles of water in my claws on the water.

My bones and brain are water, just like my whole body,
He limps on the water …
It will appear in the brotherhood Dogmate 11 February in Lourdes,
50 minutes from fifty meters above the surface that joins your existence of Bernardette to Bernardino about a hundred Cm above the water.

Pale blue whitenned trail to sing the Psalm where Alta lies
Hail Regina sine labe originali conceptam.
Stunning smell of my ear, loud nasal sound from the beards of the bubble to the final Minute Dogmate Island.

Remain lying there, be her and not You …
Move your arms so that they can see you on these three sides of the air wind over the profile of your gaze.

Recirculate from the beginning and cover first and second position, then in the Reef where you lift your ankles to rub the Air and Water in meek quarry that becomes Fungi Dogmate water, Scream to the Northeast three times Save Regina Dogmate,

Three times you breathe ..
Three times you row with the awareness of your redemption.
On the water a ship has to rescue you from the Water, even if you have never been there. Who will do it at the third call will go to look for a tired but anointed legionary in Salvation.

Final Minute Dogmate, you are Risen!

Final Minute Dogmate

Last Temptation of Etrestles


Etrestles asks oblation to the unfortunate of the World ..
he asks to give his offering House that is not his house,
to synchronize your departure to be in the company of Solitude,
He does not have his sacred Cemetery before leaving for Nineveh …

He has disappointed himself of the Archpriest of Ayia Lavra for his strong telluric pains in his marble abdomen …
The holy oil that furrowed his forehead, furrowed his soul
he has not recognized himself when his own umbilical nap has flourished a wafer of the Messiah who has traveled alongside him by the pavilions of Messolonghi in clarions rubies ..

My father Staktos; come, I have not yet received the indulgence of abandoning what is not abandoned, I need to hear your voice from my sixth reincarnation playing on the roads of the oracles that illuminate the world, which is yours and the Messiah Choir on the Magdala heavens .

Father I have not yet gone, and so many lives I have lived to see your distant face on grass barley resembling your breaths of late sunny spring celestial sermon sermons. But this time I want to cheer you beyond the imagination of eclectic anemia, with the aching pain descending through my impure heart.

Nothing torments me more than to move away from the hells that do not know that I run through the prairies towards you without getting tired, imagining that I will fall into the neglect of your forgetfulness. I quickly lose my Laud from my right arm as a short-handed little fish, to commit the indiscretion of anticipating me to worship you with my dislocated left arm that carries the Harp from Lethe confiscated from Euterpe.

Harmony that ignores Dinora in the false forests of Messolonghi in flames. You are my cobble who pierces the cries of my crucified hands, timbers of lymph incense next to the sweetness of your words that grew green in my dreams.

Challenge with this interloquy of your incandescent soul, this is how The Last Temptation of Etrestles begins with its bleeding fingers, in the inflexible forgiveness of praising all those who want to dance with the mothers of the Shadows; that Staktos is his father, before reviving him and resuscitating him in his exodus to Nineveh, land hunched over by the Host, tortuous and artificial light shone from the recklessness of him who will make him sleep through the desert of life in farewell fantasies. Winds are felt singing whistles of hydrogen sulphide rocking from the edge of the cliff of the cloud, to fall on the shoulders of the timid death, False Blood, clumsy blood to wash my feet on Virgo and Jupiter in the sand. .

Father, in purgatory, make the sounds of the new dawn without any detail or gesture of repentance.

Thus Etrestles receives the Eucharistic host offering in his holy mouth and runs down the corridors of the great mysteries of the Nothing of good spirit of all Mantle.

Travers Poetic

To be continued…

Cm Cerebellum Algorithm

Cm Cerebellum Algorithm From the dark side of the occipital … galloping come my kind and jubilant comrades, they have been jumping and cutting the atmospheres of physical reality, after cooking my belly and my heart from stubborn wounds of unstoppable wars scary wounded slices.
Very close and dry from the dark side 3 and a half turns comes the cataract wart to the iniquity of its juice over the millions of Centilenials Writering Experiences.

On the white side of the occipital, 3 network crosses intersect with Playright to Playwright, towards the hurried signs of the Writer beyond its spectrum. The most sober fear stained with bravery prosapia comes out.

 Metaphysical transfer, capricious platform of insomniac spirit, walks 300 centuries with its feet bolted and accommodating its semi-inclined crown sharp on its chipped shoulder of melted marble of Carrara ruin.

Preliminary Empty Transfer

Algorithm Cm, has been debating the hills like chin of pubic maidens kneeling their outrageous non-eager emotions, neither brief as the fear frightened of releasing the beautiful vibra of the occipital color of the brave piano breaking the 300 imaginary ears of the emotion algorithm without piano of inharmonic skeptic cadaverous.

2nd transfer Preliminary Vacuum

Etrestles looks back at the Altamira wart caryatid cataract … sees a serpentine hummingbird imbued with its sclera and grazes its feathers and the feathers …

Later he leans to his ghostly cauliflower spectrum and returns to cross this threshold again, holding feathers in his hands saying: Since 300 centuries I have been navigating the aerial CO2 aerial ditches of the filthy world and now my brother Calamorous cauliflower prosaic ship in front of my eyes telling me If I had a brother like you, I would say come with me to cut wounded airs that I have to slice only in you lodged in the Cm Algorithm of the imagination, dietary anemia udder Holy atmosphere of the archbishop of Calixto and Calipsian blood.
When breaking the chalky limestone capita of its dimension, we will visit in this World Messiah Cauliflower. Brother of Picaflor, nodding his role Saveforest and Savespirit fraternal degeneration SOS.

3rd transverse transfer No Vacuum.
The mischievous eyes of cauliflower flying have to compensate for the world of the Cerebellum that betrays us,
That we have to be preset of spring countryside Tina Moldy.
Holy water in the jaws of menstruation incense almost acunpunturial.

About living and surviving, of revenge and revenge …
From Jutland the sour jerjel that shook the great extreme acro of the heraldic court for gathering thousands of restless spirits vitrineating with their hands as gamers, alpha play stationed of the severed but Sane Stoic Hamlet.

To be continued

Cm Cerebellum Algorithm

Technology Customer Clack

Prague Library

J’aimerai beaucoup de votre compagnie…



The Gram sir,
polygonal father firefly
stand in Cibatus …
thread and thread form light.

In the year 1300
miliérnaga great night,
the Lucibatus provoke a detritment an organ
He fell back to Cibatus
And her delicate body broke into two parts…

In the center was in “A”;
Her two columns
Stumble down at the head of Mr. Gram.

He in the compartment,
The pulverized seeds scraped
Galloping ice that undermined the Cibatus
The year in 1200,
Oh syllogism much light!
You coordinate the central hole Cibatus basket;
gramineous navel dim oracle
Coming through the middle,
Dodona River as light.

In the center of barley,
Mr. Gram healed their wounds;
Fecracia corpuscles,
Major organ Susea …
that ruled with all his power by blizzards.

“Not Cibatus or broken,
traditional custom was broken by wind
and not by Light gram “

In the dark night of San Corinth,
It fell night where Mr. Gram asleep …
happy told the fierfly
your damage would not alter its sun.

Toward the end of the day,
He said his greatest roar…
Their wings hawked loose
Cibatus noise pain!

Last night came,
and invisible, transparent body
wanted spring,
Love this protozoan
Cibatus alone.

Farewell  said fierfly in 1300,
when it fell by the protozoan crag …
Signs metal birds
They said …; Aaaah ..!
and noise Gram God,
They said! Aaaaah … Aaah …!

Nor no hugs or charity,
the rough particle spring circle
flierfly donated the organ …
Limestone Road
He loved the feet of ash,
white bodies laughed
and they transmuted his absent body.

Flierfly he opened his eyes…
Cibatus looked at his winged whistling song:
” Fly Fierfly,
stretch your threads;
Mr. Whiskers love Gram …
buried next to the root of Cibatus “

Farewell Thousand Three Hundred … !



Awakening of Etrestles

Etrestles´s Awakening

After sleeping a thousand years fell on my face greater light current Solar. I slept without smiling at the crowds buried and smearing me my only bones.

The search of that hubbub, made me celebrate the porous bodies and spraying smooth falling on my fingers, delighting my humble tributes to the beetles that accompanied me to direct my view to the nearby burial vaults me. Some were swollen with a semblance augury awakeness; like starting today, with the ominous words They moved from today, the paddling of my fleshless jaws.

Among gravestones of emeral flowers dinosauric, in a clear blue autumn, some birds scrub on edges of the carved stones. Meanwhile, mustards was riding on dry  leaves carnations. The white-clad looked up Drestnia slab that closed their senses, remained behind bars with his hands crossed as evolving body To attend a new era of geography and different technology. On his chest he would run the living vertiginous wind up the corporeal hint in the light of Koumeterium Messolonghi; that housed over a thousand years ago, at Etréstles of Kalavrita.

This huge palace and flat, it is nothing more than an asylum, where the worst plague that began with the death of the sentinels of Lucifer, who dropped this place with its beautiful golden layers originated; whose satagénesis emerge the burning soil to ten fossilized cemeteries under the Messolonghi.

He walked slowly dragging my old body, the tenth floor, and that teenage girls pointed stones would break my nails; as such if they were claws of a mammal trapped by lava from a volcano. In each advance I awaken in my armor patriotic my last fight, and his tenderness observe how parents tilled by the conglomerate caste, fighting in underground elements.

Etréstles awakening …:

Etréstles …: Which of all columns erected is able to open all columns built in the pavilion of these moles without form or color … just vitalizing lung diaphragm Eólico my day dreams, is who I think would …?

To all who are runaways and trapped underground Messolonghi, I bring you good tidings … Auriga with its blacksmiths come from the region of the Dodecanese to loosen the bars you father  Staktos lucid and my mother Vitabión well that in a thousand years, has been damaged her beautiful body. Since my birth in Ayia Lavra, I was being buried for the ninth time in the Ninth Fossilized Cemetery. Whose archpriest with holy oil trickled down my wall, pretending to be a dance of water generated at the bottom of the Ionian. Between the arches of the temple columns running down my mother Vitabión; outward sacravertebral bathe in the water of my past christenings. My past lives were providing mandated by the Auriga their previous lives. And your mother … A day tried the weight of my recycle … ?!

Beyond you., Comrades of wars, pilgrimages sacrosanct, lush gauzy baths civilization in the Olympic and equestrian fields.

To you. That you lie here, as is my death in my last life in the hands of a Spartan soldier. Pcs., Blood of my blood, I feel inside me speak your need …

And in the ending Drestnia, which by its sixth rising from here from Messolonghi, between bars sealed thy grave situation for the Hellenic indeterminated.

I had to drink from the Pinosa resin to speak here, with my bony hands to touch the others are like yours …

… Drestnia, my rib still preserved, I will be reborn placating the domain of collective wishful thinking, which prevents your freedom.

My rib you return to your present life, whose cold, flower seeds eskelotonize the perimeter of your life … Etréstles was with them into the Koumeterium Messolonghi, to about 1800 meters zenith direction.

They were to be the Necromessolonghi Council to define the minutes. -while music with winds adorned arrival-. Just at the moment, came the Auriga with its blacksmiths, they came to liberate Drestnia with its multiconscience. What happiness to Etréstles! He ran through the underground halls, to the oldest Koumeterium, the first fossilized. Where thousands of years ago, with many now extinct species, Etréstles came to them resoundingly good news.

While the Council inveighed promulgating the divine sarmiento spray fields Dodecanese in producing seeds of Markos Botsaris.

Judge…: With my lameness, I have to advocate the reintegration of outstanding Markos Botsaris, that once we free them of the Turkish occupation!

Asurbanipal …My Sirio reign, full of dynamism, placed on their doorposts the powerful image of South-west wind, in honor of his victorious from Kalidona.

Etréstles brought Drestnia just walking the Council and thousands of harmoniums undermined doubts Manor invoking the hero. They all stand, the Council at its octagonal table with his assistants left empty vine glasses to welcome, to the last surviving female first Koumeterium Messolonghi.

Harmoniums, as Apollonian rubies widen the dimensions of the cavernales vaults. She sit and ends the music. Drestnia with some leaves on his shoulders, adorned the new escene, which would sit by the new future.

Asurbanipal …: To you gifts Oh, the universe, you are welcome to this Council, where one day they brought me to praise my contributions from the entrance of Humanity!

But the issue for today, will await the arrival of Markos Botsaris as you who have reached this border, thanks to the generous Auriga.

Charioteer…: Sperm wax Orion; Eternal fuel, donated them strength to my steeds pairs, that were raised over distant lands, to reach my blacksmiths desoldering the bars of Drestnia.

Blacksmith…: Our eyes closed every hundred kilometers, but Eurydice with your calendar, made the aphelion enclose us this feat.

Echoes …: Dust …, Myth … Dream … illusion … have swirled galloping millennia, wearing gray storm…!

What dark words illuminate the hopes, just below, it is well known that there is much to do, because there is more activity on the surface …!

Judge…: Etréstles, Drestnia … past, present, or future will speak of you.

You Drestnia … !, how long dream …, defied your gothic vision, not move my neck to your neighbors, loved buried in the first Fossilized Koumeterium.

Vitabión …: Messolonghi lives up to all cemeteries in the world, where they loved their near them. But they do not know life here is more dynamic than in the world of their own.

Menopausal women …My husband cry on my slab, because his infidelity caused me a bad venereum, which today has removed me from his life. The cries and cries for me sexual decline, all for being with another woman condemned me.

one curtain rises and leaves Funebrio; concelebrating priest all recent deaths …

Funebrio …: Woman when you cry my black clothes, cry black tears …!

Your husband remains static, no movement, despite many kilometers to their own devices. Forbidden habit becomes, how tempting. But rebellious Mother Nature pours us their punishment.

Staktos …: Friends kisses you give yourself, Where have posted ideations …?

Or yield to scatter everywhere the oscillations they meet other mouths.

Etréstles …: Everyone I ask do well to prepare your labours. Even so, his desire to hold my naughty pleas heart in this hour by the arrival of Drestnia.

The judge asks adjourn for the recess could then discuss strategies for future deaths.

Gravedigger …Lord Judge at the stepped eastern sector have buried an architect. We could ask your cooperation to Botsaris monument.

Judge…: All in good time. It will be done, does anyone want something narrow …? -Drestnia raised his hand and asked …:

Drestnia …: With Etréstles in the last minutes of our lives, which extortioner once it is finished this monument, where our souls will be destined to remain here temporarily … Messolonghi?
( extract from  Koumeterium Messolonghi, if any want a whole ebook write joseluisctravel@gmail .com )



” An pure holy puribus goes …
Devil and God …, benign compass,
the stars watching their strength
feed and corrode the sky …

Steam.., go  for  there … going around here,
If the Puribus delicacy goes …
Everyone be quiet !
unknown worship …

Take hands,
and sing the fire the Devil
to spoil our God …
sitting in the lotus supporting my hands “

Namaskar … and God created the devil!

Mia Inamorada

Mia InamoradaI want to be different,
I want to take my love …
and say to miss you my sweet petal
There is no greater sorrow not see you …

Forgive me for not coming back …
before my absence would cause your death,
Wait for me … I’ll tell you … and I miss you
with my immortality Feel you…!

How I miss you…!!

Walking on the stars of Drodida

Walking on the Stars of Drodida

One day as leep by a captivating woke essence in your handscaught in your arms woke getting up after nearly having died …you gave me your breathing air and calm your back to life, releasing the fear more gregarious, after opening my senses almost incinerated i learned that the stars trembled me to reach it

I started a new life to sharing with you,
sometimes i feel that in your hands sap this life to revive my acuity,
what to unfold my body, she quadrupled making me shiver by quakes your tenderness.

But today on the eighth day of the universe,
divided my feet walking to you for every step of light sonica,
road on it being over your carnal finesse frosted still light beams for aboriginal embracing love with your gutted threat to the end dump body, being today only light story emerged from any pythagorean indigo.

Eight feet by my raving not walk on forgetful slip hugs and achieve that without it on my feet, making you a path of kisses on a piecemeal moan  covering your pleasures in quiet regia union, sealing and my memories to mummifying the most sensitive areas disown make me when you suffer from almost feel much pleasure.

Your feet chafe my eighth willing body as your hands it to me, this is your feet eight  feet, and your finger eleven flute my way to you open your columns wet and trembling, born in the tropics decorative colors flashing your eyes when mine yours take on your innocence as a mother’s dismissal, genesis as a maternal layoffs in the grotto shaggy times makes me roof for to paint with my kisses and my mouth full of oils,  full streaking manias those desires that are further under your skin, deep lining up to associate to me …!

My seven feet is the semi – obese and language lenticular spider mine, unleavened filling the food, its highest sing syllabic, make your paint  blue and moan molecules liquid call themselves, with its concavity make the bio – live surgery last transplanted hallucinate … vibratory column of my responsibility on your body, cutting all fear, every element of your flesh lying addict to me hanging on my conscience all descontrol physionomy, losing my light steps sonica falling into the abyss of your distances fragrances, falling in ovation interapeutica licking your body my breath, like a sixth sense.

I meditate burning between your legs, dying as i was born of a woman wild servant, fawn as an almost died for a hunter, i prefer my conscience advance day and night to your legs to die of living where one day saw in the recesses; the greatest pleasures with ambitions to break all your secrets, all your defenses to break your falling on my tyranny, allegory huge walk along the invisible to other united take that helped me your surplus usages, enter you and your being, feeling peace penetrate you, not feeling loving preact, or not to have you in the distance but hugging everytime you Drodida to moisten your words to me,  stuttering of desire.

My six feet organizing penetrates you feast on enraged cowbells,wishes with malice and early pregnat, alcamphor extreme longevity and erectile espermiosicotic, with smoothness and irradiating polish your rattling,
spitting cushion on my bones,
like a sapphire on until your clothes,
and as a inseparable attachment unit dispensable.

My bringing night of Saint John in your prayers for imaginary pain coexist
in between taking you doing it my trees by spoil collude copulate,
taking you stormy ray to the phenomenon with the masses elephantine hitting you on your shoulders, your nipples armpits challenge your beasts i want my grind with canines and incisors to create a new universe of shed your joy to laugh about our loving.

The five feet; rub your skin like a shower delicate pituitary
masturbating kilometers of rivers into criminal triads morbid on your face …
as well as the sand masturbates the waves,
on the sand and wave nail with my eyes my spells dominating you,
rolling you thousand times to my love trades.

You shall be called Drodida; worship the everlasting orbit of my sight,
when i go for your absence mount your toxin grotesque gasp;
the stalk watered voluminousity  your mouth singing your sweating my
groaning  telling my cries thinking with my worst vanity,
the turn on rotation vanitatory what you just do me with your stalks and not my serous waters in my effervescent mouth in your nipples astral, arrested in any language your thinking lubrication retained me and your touching, what i always touch in you.

The five feet as a tightening necromantic porosity your skin that change shape your temples and declaims pretending aridity lovers bad; lords nomades covered them your area leafy tagled branches covered to neat legends of penalties appealed fables o mytofagic eaters; brotherhoods of the worst disease of not having small Mt. in high with it my staff rooted in resisting demolition and other eroding sorrow, reverie spoil it captive in your infinite journey of ecstasy explosional femic.

The four feet light make a gentle sonica, dry your language lenticular stalk ciliary zone, enter your supra entails, the cave unexplored wider,enter with both arms with herbs pulsating symmetrical cottoned sleeping in your walls and grotto forms  desensitized, insense redeem the pain of window pastoral bishop uniting both peni-pussy areas full of gems balsamic, percusionatives full of eyes.

The three feet,
running is my hand movements on your breasts imprisoned,
they are my two hands scratched by scratching the delivery of your birth.
touch my hands that know not touch, when he was born without willing,
but my biohands touch your skin attached to transfer and progressive evil of love for the shores of cry to the center or your body centers clung to my hands over your thoughts rampant, wanting to stay in the fact to see you perisphery merge at twilight of our our sunken eyes friction and wet kisses dormitation delightful of travel and destructive of wickedness;
fulgurative but doubt of living or dying your enjoyment perpetuate.

The second feet,
you are you loving me on my feet vertically like a weak tower,
ash as rain that spread my fire for you.
i take my hands and i took a walk in the seas of orgasmic bellowing.
you took the scrub the eternal holy and spinal vocabulary of your mouth muted outrage both enjoy your subumbilicales areas.

The first is my feet Drodidaged,
it full landed liquid bathing you, your eyes full of sperm petals and replete, as bastions fallen with their helmets  gnawed your moans, that resound in memory of trees expectant that divert all about us practice,
only your tilt knee …will exalt   the  time for my happiness excessive.

My feet first,
it is my son music turret  ram rope breaking your every arbour grotto, asleep by the dream Drodida you commanded you do to me,
to rock for you and cutting wheel kissing my return to continue all apocalyptic dreams and your most erotic on my ways about it forever astral.
Plane  it me  come the way to sleep with me,
come see how i am able to teach Drodida
ways of sleeping next to me !!

Jose luis  / 0ctober 2003 –  Copyright 15 – all rigths reserved


Marielle Quentinnais


Klauss Ritkke collector leaves and representative of Beggars, with their 76 autumn and semi-dead body of downstroke of insect. I used to walk through its narrow streets serenades as liquid pearls, as clusters of dreams omnipotent ogres and fetishes; owners of old Avignon, iridescent moist soil marshes bringing minerals liquids Gotthard massif, ancient drains into the Rhone. Owner dreams and curses weak burst administrators of the house of God.

         August 4 in the year of our Lord 1617, when it was asset Klauss cleaning the largest stained glass, heard heated dialogues between Fraile and Gentleman, who was in another time assistant clergy? You could approach Klauss and listen more clearly their conversation, until the Friar Andrew, stammering, Raymond Bragasse demanded indulgence, or one or the other.

Fray Andrés : How many times hopefully I struggled to reform you … Raymond!

‘O virga ac diadema diabolus thirst …!!
  ‘Oh virgin the Devil smiled …!!

Raymond  : It is to live more question if I failed something, take me to the sulfurous emanations from Averno. But my faith lies mildewed on the seabed, sacred myth … my truth, and my beloved Marielle … Meanwhile,

Klauss envisaged to play the window and looked her tongue to pray for them. Fray Andrés, paced back and forth wondering what to do…?
Raymond  : There are fifteen thousand demons possessing my body … fifteen thousand demons to attack the sacred mystery of the Holy Rosary …!                

Fray andrés : Oh great cause … How I have to snatch your soul whose darkness of flashed light …!?

Raymond  : Marielle was my light, my Eve Edenic, admirable land. Now, it’s my I spell, my blindness or my constant bleed sharp, not knowing where to elapse…?

         …To a memory that night, that dismal night, giving up my final vows of faith and consecration of my soul. I broke my bonds and ecclesiastical chores all by Marielle noble descendant of the Quentinnais.

            Never believe such grief in my fate I do love her, but his misfortune was to meet me. That night when I went to the edge of her house, I walked through the kitchen window. Everyone was asleep, except the albi-blue reflection of the last gasps of the deadly round of Quentinnais Mansion. I thought rescue and salvage something from those cheeks kissed by me, but their heart wiping her heart and lungs.
     It is possible to recall the last roses I took her hands.   Danced with her, next to the old hymn and lamentation of prestidigitations made by the monk, played alongside cartomancy having abolished the minute of darkness take her with her beautiful bare feet. What a pain, I could not rescue her, and snatched me death! His parents hated the mere fact of having their priest ruled by a wicked heart, so I turned to the pagans and dark gods to heal Marielle, and his heart transplant it for mine.

Since that day, I’m still burning in hell polisatanic to take little breath of kindness and seize transparent liquid plaguing their existence and serene Diadem metal to learn that his friend possessed by the devil fall into any infection endemic evil …; endemic of his love, crossed himself when he saw that turned into a horrible one.

Humble as leaves in the garden became the Bible leaves torn from the bound fillings. Saints lepers shriveled down her columns. Heaven proclaimed hemorrhages and wind festering stinking gases, which in the sky sprouted in clusters clots on the Papal Household.

          Fray Andrew threw the rosary on the neck of the possessed, and asked the Demons who feared more …?. A question answered this question Demons, which fell shrieking vertical down the aisle … and…. fell, rose!

       Klauss fell to the ground in horror, and the demons not to respond, fell into tears and regret shaped so plaintive and poignant, many dark beings holed up in fixtures and embankments, they began to mourn moved by natural compassion … and saying pained voice by the mouth of the possessed…:

…Andrés, Andrew … … have mercy on us!

Meanwhile, Klauss ran away screaming the place … could be heard in the distance … Marielle … have mercy on us!

         Sparkling lights fell on the dome, covered with orange and creamy luzbels horror. Apertures fulminations betrayed contained emancipate the shackled muses leaping vacuum; discouraging reddening chinks bad …, saturating every form, every place, and every interlocutory benign breeze.
Most animals vomited on the walls; carbonated some nigger walls and curdling the soul of the people. Other remains of vomiting sulphurous radiated papal house, initialing the firing squad diabolical image of Raymond and Fray Andrés; they are swallowed by the Cancerbero. So flayed bats were issued by the campanile, mistaking the red sunset in penitence with blood dripping thick alleged by the Buttress and reach a churchyard to embryo.

Got home, tightly closed the latch, feeling strangely his wife Danianne; which saw his face isolation. Then he went to his bedroom and closed the curtains, warning yellow lights in progressive outlook towards a corner of the mirror. Then he lay down on the bed and prayed for himself and others … “Today, when I walked by my office and my prayer my clothes pilgrim incense drove away my voice … as if Fray Andrés, still whispering my ears…”

I close my eyes listening to litanies and prayers …
         O Virgin by virtue of your rosary, directs these enemies of mankind to respond to my question…!

Klauss saw the exorcism using the mirror. He made a prayer, came a radiant ears, nose and mouth of the possessed flame. Fire flowed like laba of the Holy Cross, which destroyed the wicked and the most worthy wisdom worked against the satanic specter fire and hot rosary fell on the hot heads Fraile and Raymond. It was what translated his shadow in her room.

         Klauss Rittke, returning the next day moistened his clothes by the dense fog that covered the sacred place, then when picking up     leaves plucked Bible found a Diadem with an initial contained a    backwards W, whose image pointed to Marielle triumphing evil. He   tried to leave but nothing left pulled, so refugee took the   diamond and warily Diadem led her pocket.                                                          ­                          

Little bit could do that dark and rainy day, as an insurrectionary devotion that day begged her angelic singing to heaven; that enveloped the sky in order to transport to the cemetery to sleep next to their parents.  Diadem virtue to useful lives and reigns in the footsteps passerby Baal runaway spirits. All with their malodorous footsteps, they vomited and flying in higher meridians, like the giddy exorcism in the house of the universal Shepherd.

The same day, August 5, 1617, Klauss arrived tired with the diadem cast in her hand. Thus, ceased to exist and its long sleep would walk with his white robe and crown throw with his eyes came from the Sea blankets the oceanographic serpentuous within Marielle, whose hairnets they are containing its essence. His agony lasted three days, and around Avignon no who could wear mourning. His children and wife lost their voice to utter.

Go in peace Benedict Klauss…!



NINFUCEANICUS NeuroBio Poetry Essay

I instigated the most soporific cephalic act, An Argonaut sailing within your strange eyes of others pointed retina membranes, An unsaid exodus wishes to browse your meridians sunsets tainted of that meridian, As evening falls back upon you bathed the earthly mud, Nympth Ninfuceanicus sheltering your labours of bird waste in galactic extinction and creation …

For soft aromatic worlds you went by your house ruined Zodiac
Blurring the lost romance policy profiles, threading peat spinning his metafhysist  think of his tabernacle.

The ship in question was beautiful delicacy of numbness primary Sun, Lost Halo where one day there were countless number age, to get lost in the cold of your trellis resigned and touching your going through the watery landscape of your soul cornered iron., Spark fleeing evaporated …

How many times my Ninfoceanicus very thin you migrated with your frosty, almost scary legs traveling in a foreign owned bird…?, Where migrating is hard to see his cross snowy mountain plants.

What of you. Ninfoceánicas lines will plan my rickety Saturn’s own trapeze degraded never stood the lofty life of the living present all this happened? Divided scratchy body plowing all unexplored fountain.

Among several of them, thousands of them managed to be among others, but one of them, violated any protocol as a beautiful geese and ducks in the window of my sky, coming to ask for my company, just on the threshold of spring, next the threshold of my window and yours…, adopted eternal brother.

She mimics the snowy Nymph  the feet of all the courts of the world freely, Dancing in tight spaces where sounds beautiful my favourite track other stragglers lost images of my beautiful bird of beautiful threshold of my window as timeless dances  belfry rusty sounds.
For the dark wall between your gene, which will open the whistle of your detachment, every time your commander demolition subdued light and energy to take my humble mischief…
by the way your eyes and mine, in the vigour of sepals loved everlasting flowers insults.

Together unfairly they united as dim flowers in the air,
Divided separately exile scattered your garden,
My chronic bad inside my hundred chronically ill
I will see  Nymph hiperoceánicus, hyper rusty
By iron hanging over the mask gestures cold weather martial iron watering soil  and branded satin mask stays plebeian worms my ruined face of phases of my face closet  and wardrobe.

The upward castle by fierce hillsides, notify more rasterize
Your morning visit.

Among many castles many seas gang signs of femininity,
As a sliding plushy receiving a Nymph Satardia;
The first and most powerful inhabitant of the ascending Ninfuocenicus castle.

When I’m alone,
I am on the side of the broth augury sling,
Holding my application
Almost like a plumber object in the hands of a blind astronomer.

Only three steps income
Where three steps have to meet me on the runaway shadows
Of my ancestors, right neighbour pine crafty,
That hid my totemic animality …
As the blood currents green,
I lost myself…

As a front polygon,
As a front wormy adventure stories demolished
In the densest darkness of your house arcane absence ashes
The cadaverous presence of the wind of my roles in pain and ossuary  of that princely that emotional solstice who anchored in your flowery landscape of love,
Spinning wheel to square steps
As contraindication to love, then need you more.

You jump on my doorstep, plain unlicensed …
So the propaedeutic of Ninfaoceánicus begins,
You write my signs and my losses as prescribed
The loneliest adage constantly fading green robes.

I often feel sad as all times outside the elapsed time,
When I feel the absence of your webbed feet oily,
Aligning by walking wearing my sun of you,
With foreign attire migrating my sunshine clothing doze …
As a gale of tulle for the South Seas who died in the wreckage of a pirate ship Pliocene…
And your sea south sorry awakening as between species
Jungle, eater vampire  as the swirl start your being lost in my
Desert be … want to be mummy augur…
Lips worst evils of unrestrained fantasy tribal worse,
They concluded entirely confined irritability.
As the bipolar lost hope,
Graft of your nomadic existence and entrepreneurial ship traveling
settled that the bipolar economy of your means of anti – life,
Closing my eyes … black aniline,
Black lost roads dancing notch watermark,
Of the hypertensive empty string, as the rope pulls and
Solves the crescent of your face depressed ocher rain.

When river, and watch your lips precursors,
I watch the surf offshore devouring my joint,
In search of  nymph Titania, your age who live with me,
My Perfect for you and my image, my imperfect picture of you and me, silky movement shores of my soul looking for you,
When I sit at the knee I bend my knee for you,
I sit on the bank remains with you.
My codex collected from you, only you …

When the cave steppe fear rages,
Tongues of fire gigantic move me by your rivers adventure
I park in your loud voice drawled from acute bonfire
In the wooded rested than ever it grew on your side close.

Your life was almost a straight bipolar errors,
I am now businessman making your life nearby,
Hit blowing winds greater …
And at your life in my financial life,
If you think with your hands clasped over your face
know that almost live together with you,
unbecoming my libertarian release of master your flight
hell beastly dessert.

Most hellish bestiality lastly zain,
Of the greatest forces of your body eater the myth king, fabulous race The disabled senior verse confined treaty,
Confined you that is farthest from you damn nymph Ninfuoceánica,
requalification boiling in behaviours you to exist in the relief of your abysmal way but your gooey body resting on you …, rests meditating  Do not get tired, you do not pretend to be the ruin of your prey voice sound muffled, only animals that disturb you bring your pursue days true…

Your  lovers sulfer knew your colours and smells of the most pestilential entity, that overshoot and tone your threefold, as a roar of soul that comes from your soul ,
Do not let mental baseness mimics with anemic,
lower hostile masts your anti  angels have to ride on gold gatekeepers … For the spot, if mythomania and your alcoholic schizophrenia infinity,  …

hulks  of alcohol vapours in the pulmonary vessels by butterfly flocks,
They roam the reins of collecting and rasterised your weakness sudden death, As well as  sudden resurrection of my body.
And rebukes the storm, rebuke thy right entity endowed leper nerve
That’s where I have to pursue your side embraces more hug me,
More than your own warmth, rather than your own bravery, unbridled carriage.

I often repeat a million times,
The times I did not hear your perpendicular attentive pauses, stutters hurry Schizo your frequent alcoholism, not to distinguish only slicing nonsensical  attitudes sometimes slow thinking agility of a lover,Thinking that seduce and reduces that sinister and discouraging, that scrape thin  that limits who wants to be and not dominate.

Mapping by hiding places unusual materials,
Brochures polished of scruffy codex and guide you an  unguide
By the groves close views as telescopic sights that are lost.

I know, my biggest Ninfuoceánica death may not be reborn on the third day…!!, But if it is not to lose lost when the day ends.
Wise ancestry and slavery which will govern the pale fronts
Your hidden and mobile lives on olive orchard,
Hiper meditate  funny without feeling any known gene passed schizo, nor read past experience in your prodigious map of oblivion.

Satardia; He lit a match just as night fell,
Sea and sky colours compressing regrets that burned their matches

It burned his blessed same figure as the little pair of gifts
That remained on hold as senior Ninfuoceanica,
Only his dark side Petric  windmill stone …

Someday reborn to confuse his disciples confused gentlemen,
And their abandoned phrases that he dominates.

Feverish ardor,
Feverish torpor
Every living illusion is extinguished …
Go to your coward stampede
Of gatekeepers on buffalo between bloodthirsty goats goats …


Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso Copyright 2015

Genome Freedom


Set of cave genes If you could read … pluri freedoms of the dark light of ignorance teach understand that breathe under the Naturality Natural Nature is not necessary to have an understanding heart and store on their empty heads of knowing ancient rain where wisdom possess. If dance on every grain of chickpea for each foot plant what could a plant obeys; foot, Plant and Plantation …

Resulting kingdoms on my animals, fungi, plants and protists, media freedom as a seed to reach our evolutionary lack of ceased hopeness …

First  Ellipsis Angle loneliness”God felt Chained”

Chained down by dragging the last link of its multiple arcane freedom in which transfigured recent swings where he collapsed with the latter being of himself whose life lies lifeless alive but lost. The latter that child not to know and deprived of nascent freedom that will never be born and come knowledge in our genome of Independence.

When the cave man thought to be a complement to the world is enslaved by the mystery of lost in himself …. The born and born, never dies, that’s so naive and innocent … is still full unaware of their free will, rather it is he who must re-literate and be a living part of the ancestral genome Cavernario component. Oh Heavenly Lord of the steppes I look because more of you today without having lived what you lived, as he would have played with my gaze to succor and keep you had fallen into the fangs of an animal, or you had fallen on the glacier cliff where he has separated you from your Clan Cave.

Emancipation means to be always innocent, my blood runs through yours,
I read and understand any phenomenon of deprivation exist without you lack wisdom satiate, if all your generations crushed by ignorance of falling subject will be well, me and my being I take my precognitions as a tormented child’s worst nightmare before about sleeping. Sixth Papal almost, almost kneel before the creation memorizes creation. This prerogative Lord lives Bread’s God Minor remaining … .of whose iconography will not leave this fifth fraternal dimension will not come, if not more will enter the latter end of absolute solitude … and shorter than the last thousand years of Neandertal.

Cavernary Political and Ellipsis:

On a day of gentle wind and tense rain proclaiming Clan joined, they all shouted running, the ground shook and the children slept on terror … the 10 infants who were talking about the Sign from above, but the nines they crossed his arms remaining to create solidarity roof that protects the man in your imagination ….
The eighth child of the clan ran quickly into the arms of his mother and she imagined how far, how far would never come … uncharacteristically who came with his brother seventh had in their hands the word of entertainment of Being, to be a plaintiff political all of braiding them together with lines enabling the hermit may decide that creation is a mass of lines of certain fashions together, everything sings like the slightest cyclamen dew on the line pointy rough fallen fungus. All arms folded on the upper porch of the Vatican Macario in Franconia, saying that many who unite in their fevered requests large modern man ceased to be autonomous when it came out of their caves and charnel pit.

Freedom plague spits words of pancreatic poisoned exordium, spits verses of confusion disorders without permission, without solid bass sound without liquid sea that resist mad edges followed by solid sound ….


HEIMAT! Made himself the sky!
Venus took her fingers,
amniotic earth aura
Faded and frigid Venusian;
Bring to me Heimat …!

In the dream my love,
Ghiberti blew through your elbows
floriarena the ammonites,
sea shoreline …
region of my glance.

I touched her soft back,
and to rotate;
Ghiberti bring to me Heimat,
floriarena  from your region
where we saw one day
walking the stone sea.

When in a casual insight love,
my encourage love;
He acknowledged your life
siluet and Tuscan figure,
made himself aqua emerald your face
streamly explosion made himself …
your eyes full of water,
they gave to me;
the unknown universe,
hundred time  water …

clematis verbal slender,
You touched your lips
my shading roam step …
dark black shadows;
… Universe, almost bluish …

You Heimat clematis!
with the force of my love look,
ordained the word love
pine  love  walks like mist;
with igneous light monodia
whose love is my heart.


My heart is your life,
your eyes its shine;
when I look Into Your Eyes,
“My universal heaven,
I sleep waiting for your life
to love the flourishing sea “

Now it is winter,
and the wet shores of your kingdom
I think I see you in the morning;
walk with your hips made Nautilus …

When you look at me smile sitting
play with your vulnerable figure;
her translucent …
It appears only in the mornings …

Heimat ammonites sleeps …
sleeping in my footsteps …
marking soft sea;
translucid happy that my eyes,
I bring in the morning …

By early Sea,
the stretch your eyes and your mouth sideways
It is filled with fluid ammonites,
and you return orange the viaduct …

The assembly gave my love thy hands;
these mobile pieces of air,
They are talking about me …
and speaking my deep image,
My heart pounded in his voice.

Then the Earth not smiled nor beckoning the Earth….

J l carreño troncoso

Weirdly Emigrate

Weirdly Emigrate

https://hellopoetry.com/jose-luis-carreno-troncoso/poems/?tab . Today when the threat is looming, as close apocalyptic years approach, it will be by cohabiting itself and the ruining valley of debris, which will make this world corrupted the next issue of the numeral scale of the new count, a rising hyperspace , concerning the parts of the kingdom of God … “

Then on the Lord’s day, John saw the glory of the risen Christ, and she understood from the point of view of God, he saw that the fate of the Church and threatened in the first persecutions took the appearance of a dark beginning.
And the time John wrote the Evangelist, including books were Jews called Revelation, that is, “Revelations”. With fantastic images of monsters, angels and cataclysms, evidence of the Jewish people are stressed and are invited to await the judgment of God who intervenes from heaven with all his power.  So my beloved world is harsh and does not represent an apocalypse, but it is the true reality is when I will bear its overwhelming slaughter.

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Poetical Technological Designer – Entrepreneurial wellness Society

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Artistic Biography

  • Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso / Applied Technology Consultant *
  • 1992 – Secretary and Innovation Literary Group Vicente Huidobro, Literary Development and Cinematographic Screenwriting. Cultural Management
  • 1992 – Acupsa Cultural Management – Art, Music and Audiovisual Creation – Cultural Management.
  • 1996 – Literature – Cinematographic Art and Script / Spatium Center / Aesthetic Professor Universidad de Chile Jose Roman
  • 1996/1997 Audiovisual Production and Cinematographic Script Extension Center Catholic University – Sergio Navarro / high Distinction
  • Story Contest Juan Rulfo France International- Radio France International – Works Marielle – Strange Emigrate – The Flight of Two Brothers – Distinction Belgium, Brussels “Outstanding Writer”
  • 1994/2004 – Restoration and independent film appreciation, Cinema Art and Documentaries, Music in The History of Music, Independent Screenwriting. Together with the current Professor and researcher Jaime Córdova, professor of the Film and Audiovisual Communication Degree at Viña del Mar University.
  • 1996 – Artistic and devotional creation Neo Humanista Ananda Marga / Sloka Creationist and Illustration / conceptual music Devotional Yoquica.
  • 1997 – Laboratory of Metaphysical Novel “Koumeterium Messolonghi”
  • 2005 – Member of the Society Writers of San Antonio SECH.
  • 2008 – 2012 Music and theory Classical Guitar / Cultural Center San Antonio, Professor Nicolas Venegas.
  • 2012 Musical Production and Sound Reinforcement Audiomusica, / Prof. Miguel Tutera.
  • 2014 – 2019 Macromedia University, Berlin / Germany – Applied Sciences and Technology.
  • 2013/2016 Introduction Violin / Professor Juan Olguín Vaccia – San Antonio Choir
  • Digital Arts – Technoplus Business Seminars Greece Audit Track / TECHNOPLUS
  • 2016 Sustainability in Creative Entrepreneurship / Creative Coast School / University of Valparaíso.
  • 2016 Hellenic Chilean Chamber Membership – Friends of Nikos Katzanziakis Society.
  • 2017 ALL ‘ETERNAL DAL TEMPO – LA COMMEDIA DI DANTE / IstItuto di Studi Italiani ISI / USI Università della Svizzera Italian.
  • Livres enluminés à la cour des Sforza / Pavie, Université, Bibliothèque d’Histoire de l’art.
  • Journalism Music of The Beatles, University of Rochester – Boston – USA – Professor John Covach Dean University of Rochester.
  • 2017/2019 UNESCO Heritages Sites Pantheon La Sorbonne, Paris – France. Professors Lorenzo Cantoni – Maria Gravari.
  • 2017 Member Writer and Poet poetry Anglo Hello Poetry – London http://www.hellopoetry.com

. 2019 September Hamlet’s Ghost / Harvard University – Professor Stephen Greenblatt

Currently developing projects in Technology, Music and Literature, Epic Metaphysical Illustration.


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  • +56985989748
  • www,joseluiscareniotroncoso.worpress.com

Biographie artistique

  • Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso / Consultant en technologie appliquée *
  • 1992 – Secrétaire et groupe littéraire sur l’innovation Vicente Huidobro, Développement littéraire et scénarisation cinématographique. Gestion culturelle
  • 1992 – Acupsa Cultural Management – Création artistique, musicale et audiovisuelle – Management culturel.
  • 1996 – Littérature – Art et scénario cinématographiques / Spatium Center / Professeur d’esthétique Universidad de Chile, Jose Roman
  • 1996/1997 Centre de production audiovisuelle et d’écriture cinématographique Université catholique – Sergio Navarro / haute distinction
  • Concours de contes Juan Rulfo France International – Radio France International – Œuvres Marielle – Étrange émigration – La fuite de deux frères – Distinction Belgique, Bruxelles «Écrivain exceptionnel»
  • 1994/2004 – Restauration et appréciation de films indépendants, Art et documentaires de cinéma, Musique dans l’histoire de la musique, Scénarisation indépendante. En collaboration avec l’actuel professeur et chercheur Jaime Córdova, professeur titulaire d’un diplôme en communication audiovisuelle à l’université de Viña del Mar.
  • 1996 – Création artistique et de dévotion Neo Humanista Ananda Marga / Créationniste et Illustration / musique conceptuelle Devotional Yoquica.
  • 1997 – Laboratoire de roman métaphysique «Koumeterium Messolonghi»
  • 2005 – Membre de la Society Writers of San Antonio SECH.
  • 2008 – 2012 Musique et théorie Guitare classique / Centre culturel de San Antonio, professeur Nicolas Venegas.
  • 2012 Production musicale et sonorisation Audiomusica, / Prof. Miguel Tutera.
  • 2014 – 2019 Université Macromedia, Berlin / Allemagne – Sciences appliquées et technologie.
  • 2013/2016 Introduction Violon / Professeur Juan Olguín Vaccia – Choeur San Antonio
  • Arts numériques – Séminaires professionnels Technoplus Grèce Audit Track / TECHNOPLUS
  • 2016 Développement durable dans l’entreprenariat créatif / Creative Coast School / Université de Valparaíso.
  • Membre de la Chambre hellénique chilienne de 2016 – Société des amis de Nikos Katzanziakis.
  • 2017 ALL ‘ETERNAL DAL TEMPO – Université italienne de commerce italien. Université italienne. Université italienne de langue italienne.
  • Livres enluminés à la Cour des Sforza / Pavie, Université, Bibliothèque d’Histoire de l’art.
  • Musique de journalisme des Beatles, Université de Rochester – Boston – États-Unis – Professeur John Covach, doyen de l’Université de Rochester.
  • 2017/2019 Patrimoine UNESCO Sites Panthéon La Sorbonne, Paris – France. Professeurs Lorenzo Cantoni – Maria Gravari.
  • Membre écrivain et poète 2017 Anglo Hello Poetry – Londres http://www.hellopoetry.com

. 2019 septembre Hamlet’s Ghost / Université de Harvard – Professeur Stephen Greenblatt

Développe actuellement des projets dans les domaines de la technologie, de la musique et de la littérature et de l’illustration métaphysique épique.


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Tacna 222B
San Antonio, 2660000
Chile – South America

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Biografía Artística

  • Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso / Consultor Tecnología Aplicada *
  • 1992 – Secretaria e Innovación Agrupación Literaria Vicente Huidobro, Fomento Literario y Guionismo Cinematográfico. Gestión Cultural
  • 1992 – Gestión Cultural Acupsa – Arte, Música y Creación Audiovisual – Gestión Cultural.
  • 1996 – Literatura – Arte y Guión Cinematográfico / Spatium Center / Profesor Estética Universidad de Chile Jose Roman
  • 1996 / 1997 Producción Audiovisual y Guion Cinematográfico Centro Extensión Universidad Católica – Sergio Navarro / alta Distinción
  • Concurso de Cuentos Juan Rulfo Francia Internacional- Radio Francia Internacional – Obras Marielle – Extraño Emigrar – El vuelo de Dos Hermanos – Distinción Bélgica, Bruselas “ Escritor Destacado ”
  • 1994 / 2004 – Restauración y apreciación cinematográfica Independientes, Cine Arte y Documentales, Música en La Historia de la música, Guionismo Independiente. Junto Al actual Profesor e investigador Jaime Córdova, docente de la Carrera de Cine y Comunicación Audiovisual de la Universidad Viña del Mar.
  • 1996 – Creación artística y devocional Neo Humanista Ananda Marga / Sloka Creacionista e Ilustración / música conceptual Devocional Yoquica.
  • 1997 – Laboratorio de Novela Metafísica “ Koumeterium Messolonghi ”
  • 2005 – Miembro de la Sociedad Escritores de San Antonio SECH.
  • 2008 – 2012 Música y teoría Guitarra Clásica / Centro Cultural San antonio, Profesor Maestro Nicolas Venegas.
  • 2012 Producción Musical y Refuerzo Sonoro Audiomusica, / Prof. Miguel Tutera.
  • 2014 – 2019 Macromedia University, Berlín / Germany – Ciencias y Tecnología Aplicada.
  • 2013 / 2016 Introducción Violín / Profesor Juan Olguín Vaccia – Coro San Antonio
  • Digital Arts – Technoplus Business Seminars Greece Audit Track / TECHNOPLUS
  • 2016 Sostenibilidad en el Emprendimiento Creativo / Escuela Litoral Creativo / Universidad de Valparaíso.
  • 2016 Membrecía Cámara Chileno Helénica – Sociedad Amigos de Nikos Katzanziakis.
  • 2017 ALL ‘ ETERNO DAL TEMPO – LA COMMEDIA DI DANTE / IstItuto di Studi Italiani ISI / USI Università della Svizzera italiana.
  • Livres enluminés à la cour des Sforza / Pavie, Université, Bibliothèque d’Histoire de l’art.
  • Journalism Music of The Beatles, University of Rochester – Boston – USA – Profesor John Covach Decano Universidad de Rochester.
  • 2017 / 2019 UNESCO Heritages Sites Pantheon La Sorbonne, Paris – Francia. Profesores Lorenzo Cantoni – Maria Gravari.
  • 2017 Miembro Escritor y Poeta poesía Anglo Hello Poetry – London http://www.hellopoetry.com

. 2019 Septiembre Hamlet’s Ghost / Harvard University – Professor Stephen Greenblatt

Actualmente desarrollando proyectos de Tecnología, Música y Literatura, Ilustración Metafísica épica.


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